Global Piping Systems provides industry standard plastic and metal piping and controls systems for the Energy/oil & gas, mining, water supply and water treatment, liquid waste management, foods and beverages, real estate, HVAC, marine, and chemical processing sectors. Our Plastic and metal Piping Systems are approved by international bodies; such as American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), etc. Our piping systems have easy jointing technologies which allow for pre-assemble of piping before field installation. Our Control Systems provide; accurate measurement (measurement of pH, conductivity, level, temperature and various water quality parameters), Precise control (All our measurement parameters can be connected with one and the same transmitter, a true multi-parameter controller), and Reliable actuation (valves and actuators can be combined flexibly and with additional functionalities, like positioners or monitoring devices can be added optionally).

Our Piping Systems and Controls include;
  • Metal Piping and Controls
  • Plastic Piping and Controls
  • Fire suppression piping systems
  • Flow measurements
  • Flow Controls
  • HVAC systems
  • Pumping and compression systems
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